Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Quest for the Perfect Foundation, Part 1

.....also a review of Revlon's new Photo Ready Foundation

I have been through more foundations than I can count. And there's ALWAYS something wrong with them!!! They aren't the right shade, don't
MAKE the shade I need, they don't last throughout the day, they break me out, dry me out, etc.

I realize there's no such thing as perfect, but c'mon. Isn't there something out there for this high-maintenance makeup addict?

I believe that the *perfect* foundation will meet this list of criteria:
1. Match my light-with-pink-undertones-skin! And not make me look yellow/orange. I also tried the Loréal Roll-On foundation in the shade C1-2, which, with the exception of being a little too light, perfectly matched the undertones in my skin, (and isn't the concept cool?) but sadly, it also looked dry.
2. Last throughout the day (obviously.)
3. Not get messed up if my t-zone gets a lil' bit oily (you know what I'm talking about. It almost rises up off your face and makes it
REALLY REALLY obvious that you're wearing makeup? Yep.)
4. LOOK NATURAL! Isn't the point of makeup to enhance natural beauty?! So why would anyone want to wear a foundation that makes them look like they're wearing a cakey mask???

Lately, I've been through the Laura Mercier oil-free foundation, which was a disaster. The only color that wasn't too light or dark made me look like I had a traumatic fake tan accident. As in I looked like an oompa loompa. Attractive? No. And the formula of the foundation was soooo oily, it slid right off my "problem areas" after a couple hours.

I have sensitive/dry skin, but sometimes my t-zone gets a little oily throughout the day. Which brings me to the Revlon Photo Ready foundation:

There it is. Isn't it cute? I wanted so badly to love it. It promised me "perfect airbrushed skin in any light, and complete coverage." Well first, let me say that this does not offer complete coverage. I'd say it's more of a light coverage foundation, which normally, I love! But it does not wear well. I've tried a couple different ways of applying it, but every time it looks beautiful on my cheeks, and streaky and messy on my t-zone, specifically on my nose and forehead. I was devastated! I had heard rave reviews of this on several of my favorite beauty blogs, that it was an affordable alternative to the Make Up For Ever HD high definition foundation. I was LOVING the MUFE HD, but sadly, this addict is not exempt from a beauty budget. :(

Now I know this picture's a little funny, but tell me! Does this look like "perfect, airbrushed skin" to you? NO. *sigh* You have failed me, Revlon. I normally love your products!! But I don't want to look cakey. :(

I'm going to try the MUFE Mat Velvet + foundation, which I've also heard good things about.

Until next time!

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  1. I use the revlon colorstay and I like it. I was going to buy the photoready, but I am having second thoughts.. hmm..

  2. Well I actually used it as a tinted moisturizer (mixed it with my moisturizer), and it was all rightt.. and I buffed a TINY bit onto my face, and it looked all right, but BEWARE OF THE SPARKLES! It definitely has sparkles in it.. And I'm not a fan of looking like a Twlilight Cullen!! Colorstay is great thoughh