Saturday, July 23, 2011

How to prevent a makeup meltdown??

I live in Arizona. It's incredibly hot, and dry, and some days I simply can't wear a full face of makeup because it melts right off. But I have some tips and tricks to beat the heat and prevent a full on makeup meltdown!

1. Prep your skin. I use the Clinique 3-Step skincare system with the Clarisonic Mia so that my skin glows, and my makeup has a fighting chance. Find a skincare system that works for you, detox your skin with a good diet and vitamins (this is my #1 secret to being acne free!), and nourish your skin with a great moisturizer. This will allow your makeup to glide on smoothly. Problem skin is especially tricky for long lasting makeup. When skin is irritated, it overproduces oil that makes the makeup slide right off of blemishes! Or, uneven texture (dry, rough, flaky skin) is also a lot of trouble, because the makeup often looks cakey. Be kind to your skin!!!
I also use a sunscreen made especially for the face by Neutrogena (no clogged pores, breakouts, etc.) to protect and prevent against sun damage. I don't want extra wrinkles, sun spots, other nastiness, or potential skin cancer because I was too lazy to slap on a little SPF.

2. Powder foundation. I know that in the world of makeup gurus, BareMinerals often gets overlooked as a legitimate foundation. There are a lot of beautiful foundations to play with. However, my HG every day foundation is BareMinerals! Their original formula even gives you a dewy glow. For whatever reason, when I look to most liquid foundations for day wear, they often get cakey as they wear, or I'll get shiny in the T-zone. I don't with BareMinerals. This stuff stays put.

3. Eyeshadow primer. I will never, ever be without the Urban Decay Primer Potion. Do I need to elaborate on this one?? My eye makeup does not budge.

4. Eyeliner melt? I hate the dreaded eyeliner melt. I adore smokey eyes, and tightline and line the water line on a daily basis. 2 products give me the coverage and durability I need.
The Clinique Brush On Cream Liner is flawless. I've never seen its intensity and long-lasting durability in another product. I put this guy in my waterline, use it for tightlining, for winged liner, and on my lashline, and it lasts all day! Seriously, incredible. I apply it with a bent liner brush. The second thing to ensure long-lasting liner is to go over that product with a powder eyeshadow. Are you thinking it'll get right in your eye if you put it on the waterline? Wrong. Simply don't overload the product on your brush, and push it right into the lashline-- not your eyeball!

5. Sadly, some things you're just going to have to reapply throughout the day. Like it's fairly inevitable that you'll have to touch up on your lipstick, liner, gloss, etc. But that's ok!! It also may be helpful to carry oil-blotting sheets ($5 at the drugstore?) in your purse to soak up some of that oil (isn't summer a bitch?). Hopefully with these tips, you'll have to touch up a little less often!

Enjoy the rest of summer!! :)

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