Saturday, June 6, 2015

Let's Talk About Skincare: Part One

Hello beautiful people,

Tonight at work (my summer job at Bath and Body Works), a lady complimented me on my skin. Her friend quickly jumped in and said "Yeah, but look at how young she is!" I thanked them, and told them how I SLAVE over my skin, so I really appreciated that they noticed my hard work.

They asked me for some tips, so I thought it might be nice to share these tips in a series of posts that talk about all the different aspects of caring for your skin. No, I am not a dermatologist or an esthetician, but I have educated myself (through books, the trial-and-error of products, and in speaking with dermatologists and estheticians) enough to the point where I am comfortable sharing these tips with others. So let's jump in!

My Skin Type and Story:

I have been blessed with good genes: I have relatively dry, sensitive skin that is not prone to cystic acne or frequent blemishes. I typically break out when I am stressed or around "that time of the month." I moved from Maryland (a very humid climate) to Arizona (a very dry climate), and that made my dry to normal skin turn very very dry. My body is much dryer than my face, probably because I don't care for it the same way, and if I don't put on body cream after I shower, my skin turns red, itches, and feels like it's burning.

When I hit puberty, for a brief period of time my skin was more oily. However, I read an article that explained that oftentimes, skin that produces more oil is actually dehydrated, and so tries to compensate by overproducing sebum (what we consider to be oil). This led me to try the oil cleansing method, which can be read about in detail here. Basically, you make an oil mixture of castor oil and olive oil, and adjust the ratio depending on your skin type. The castor oil heals acne and blemishes, while the olive oil hydrates. You rub the mixture on your skin, and then steam your face by holding a hot, wet washcloth on it for a minute, and then wipe away excess oil when you're done.

Ultimately, I stopped using this method because I needed more daily exfoliation and better anti-aging/brightening products in my arsenal. I'll talk more about what products I use later.

Your makeup will only look as good as the surface its on will allow. Investing time and money into your skincare will pay off for the rest of your life, and makeup application will be a dream.

Check back for the next installment in this series: supplementation, diet, and why it matters!

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