Friday, July 31, 2015

Beauty Blender Dupe!?

Hey guys!

Let's talk for a hot minute about the Beauty Blender.

This little egg-shaped sponge has completely revolutionized the way we apply makeup. If you haven't heard about the Beauty Blender,  you should have. It's reusable, and makes all liquid and cream makeup products blend out flawlessly and seamlessly. What's the secret?

When you run it under water and squeeze it about 10 times or so, it absorbs the water and doubles in size. This step is VITAL to get the most out of this product! Turn off the faucet, gentle squeeze out the excess water (watching your fingernails so that you don't tear the delicate sponge), and get ready to see the magic happen. You can use this for almost any step in your makeup application, but my favorite way is to use it to blend out my under eye concealer. Because of the way it's shaped, and because of the nature of the material, it sucks up any excess product, leaving anywhere it touches perfectly blended and not cakey at all.

Do you get streaks in your liquid foundation?
Does your under eye concealer crease, look spotty, or cakey?
Have you tried to highlight and contour using cream or liquid products, but look like you're wearing war paint?

That's where this amazing little tool comes into play.

The only downside? 

The price. 

On Sephora, the original Beauty Blender goes for $20 a pop. On Amazon, you can get it here for $15 and here for $30 for 2 sponges. 

People look at the price and wonder, "why in the world would I pay that much for a sponge?"
I've had my Beauty Blenders for over a year, and because I've taken good care of them, they are in pristine condition. They have completely paid off, and can transform even the worst product into something usable.

The bottom line? It's worth the money.

However, I've had a bunch of friends brag about how they've gotten "beauty blenders" for cheap, and how they'd never spend that much on a sponge. 

This piece of crap right here is NOT the same thing as a Beauty Blender. I got one at Target to try it out, and it was a nightmare. It did not absorb water like the Original, and is way too firm to blend in the same way the Original does. It is not a victory to buy this instead of the Original for a cheaper price, because it does not make you look like a flawless goddess. It will leave streaks, and because it isn't as soft as a baby's butt, won't absorb excess product. 

But don't worry! I have a great alternative. 

This little baby right here IS an acceptable dupe for the Original Beauty Blender. It's called the Miracle Complexion Sponge by Real Techniques, which is owned by a professional makeup artist. This sponge can be used damp or dry, and has a flat side that is actually really nice for blending out the large areas of the face, like the cheeks and forehead. The best part is, you can get it at Ulta or Walmart, and it's around $5-$6. Please, for the love of God, use this one instead of the rock hard sponge above. 

I clean my Beauty Blender with bar soap, and then microwave it for 2 minutes in 2 inches of water to kill all the germs. When you clean it, make sure that it is wet before you put soap on it, or else you'll be washing out soap for almost an hour!!! Trust me. I may or may not know from experience.

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

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